Market Research | Creative Design

Project Detail

Campaign Duration4 Months


AUS Market Research & Positioning

Focus Group Interview for in-depth consumer insights, market demand assessment

Chinese Marketing Materials Concept & Design


Coming from US & launched successfully in Australia market, client would like to expand its brand & business targeting Chinese consumer market.

With Chinese consumer behavior & culture is very different from western consumer in mind, Frequency Asia- Pacific proposed & conducted a thorough pre-launch market research service + Chinese consumer creative design for client – keeping the core brand values while best adapted for fitting into Chinese consumer’s mind.

Key Results

Market Research (online + Offline) participants: 200+

Focus Group Interviews: 2 Groups (separate age groups)

Brand position slogans, Chinese product names, Key Selling Features Identifications for each SKUs

Content creation including photography and graphic design on a monthly basis, including for social media, eCommerce stores & brand introduction portfolios